How we work

Design Files: We work directly from your press-ready design files (Illustrator EPS, InDesign, press-ready PDF’s, etc.). Our ideal is receiving native design files for output, plus a print-ready PDF file for proofing purposes. Second-best is a press-ready PDF for output, and a faxed or FedExed hard copy for proofing purposes. Photoshop files usually don’t provide crisp enough text for letterpress printing. File prep, when necessary, is billed at R120. Custom design services are also available at an hourly rate of R350.

Inks: We match our inks to uncoated Pantone colors. We have a Pantone Chart for reference.

Impression depth: We are able to produce a Kiss impression and a heavy impression. We will print with a heavy letterpress impression, unless you request otherwise.

Payment terms: We require a 50% non-refundable deposit before we begin working on a project, and the remaining balance plus courier (if need be) paid before we ship your pieces. We accept Electronic Transfers for payments.

Turnaround: Our standard turnaround is 1/2 weeks from when we have a signed quote, a deposit, and your design files. We will always try to accommodate our clients with more urgent jobs , please just notify us of your deadline.

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