How to place an order


  • The quantity you would like, the size you would like and the number of colours you would like, we do not recommend more than 3. We have a colour chart for you to choose your prefered colour. However we are able to print in any pantone colour at an additional fee.
  • Please note that all quotes are subject to viewing the artwork. We have a great team of designers that can assist you however should you provide your own artwork we are happy to asist.
    Our turn around time is 1 to 2 Weeks please ensure enough time for the design process as well.

Once we have received all of the above information from you we will compile a quotation. On acceptance of this, we will send you a 50% non-refundable invoice, which will also have our bank details on it.
On receipt of payment, we will begin work on your design. The best is if we speak with you to hear about what you have in mind, or if you send us images of invites you like. We will need 5 business days to do the design work. We will send you a proof and on signed acceptance of this will begin printing. Design time is charged at an hourly rate of R350. Please note that this fee will still apply if you have asked us to do your design and then opted to go with your own design. We will not be held liable for any spelling errors, once you have signed off your proof. We will send you a balance invoice a few days before we courier the invites to you, this will include the cost to courier the invites to you.

We reserve the right to use any work that we have done for marketing purposes.


  • Letterpress is probably not the way to go if you want to print large solid areas of color. It’s very difficult to get even pressure and ink over a large surface with letterpress as the result can lead to uneven inking on the sheet.
  • We do offer blind embossing were we print with white, transparent pantone ink.
  • The font size should not me smaller than 6 points. However for reverse type we recommend a font size of 12 point or larger.
  • We would advise against doing any double sided printing as the effect of the letterpress on one side will be diminished by pressing on the reverse side.
  • Width of lines should be .25 point (or .003”) or thicker. No hairlines as these will not print properly.

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